Bow Tie

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It has recently been brought to my attention for a need to improve the sterility and decrease infections in Orthopedics.

The back table is not under the control of the surgeon.

The BOWTIE addresses what I, the surgeon, can control, the operating field.

Benefits – for the OR, the BOWTIE decrease the cost for replacing cords, tubing Pulse Lavage machines, etc that fall off the field and have to be replaced. The BOWTIE also protects power lines and cords so they last longer and have to be replaced less frequently, saving money for the OR.

Benefits - For the surgeon and the OR the BOWTIE better organizes the operative field, decreasing the likelihood of cords of line becoming tangled and falling off the operative field. When this happens, the operative field sterility is compromised. Unfortunately, this is not recognized and the dirty line or cord is then placed back on the sterile field. Bringing a patient back to the OR for preventable infections is bad for the patient, OR and hospital. This is costly in both money and community goodwill as patients fell the hospital is not doing all it can to have great outcomes.

Price $59.99 preorder. Order includes 2 Bowties. Shipping and handling included.
Please call 1-877-Bowtie4 for orders and questions.

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